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Have you ever thought about cleaning out your t-shirt collection but couldn’t stand the thought of parting with any of them? JDStar blankets let you make more space while keeping ALL of your shirts. Now instead of wearing them one at a time, you can display 16, 20 or more t-shirts at once and get a ton of use out of them!

Blanket on a table.

Hand-Made Blankets

JDStar blankets are not your traditional t-shirt quilt, they wash and dry like a t-shirt, so no worries about using them all of the time! Made of only t-shirts and thread, they are light-weight and add a perfect extra layer when you’re out enjoying the game, warming up by the fire or watching a movie on the couch. The size of your blanket will depend on your t-shirt collection.

I make blankets for several non-profit groups each year. Previous fundraiser blankets have been made for: Hounds of the Heartland, Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc, Midtown Rotary, Autism Speaks, and others. If you are interested in having a blanket made for your group to auction off please email me for terms.

JDStar Ltd. Co. is a proud member of Keep it Local Oklahoma. I’m so happy to be part of an organization that helps support our local businesses and makes our city fabulous! I offer a 10% discount on custom orders to current Keep it Local Oklahoma card holders. Cards can be purchased from local retailers or online.